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ThermoWood® Cladding

Wood Type

Modified European redwood or whitewood.




ThermoWood® cladding is a rich golden brown, fading to a dark grey or charcoal colour.


ThermoWood® is a more robust product, perfect for outdoor use, and requires no additional treatment.

Key Characteristics

ThermoWood® is a modified wood produced by heat treating Scandinavian softwood (either whitewood or redwood) in a kiln at a very high temperature. The heat goes to the core of the wood, drying out any moisture and resin.The result is reduced moisture content of approximately 7-10% and enhanced physical properties, creating a product that is 50% more stable than untreated softwood.

This treated timber is ideal for external cladding and other outside uses, with no need for additional treatment. However, it can be easily stained, just as normal planed softwood. It is also very stable and has a high resistance to decay and fungal attack.

We have seen an increasing use of ThermoWood® cladding over the past couple of years, as its modified properties are ideal for exterior use. 

Timber Grade/Condition

ThermoWood® can be knotty. Some live knots will be present in the wood, but dead knots should also be expected, which are prone to dropping out. As a result it is worth considering allowing an extra 10% on top of the usual wastage amounts to account for this.

As ThermoWood® cladding is a heat treated wood, it can be quite brittle and prone to splitting. This is not a big issue with our customers, but this is worth taking into consideration and allowing for this when placing your order.


With exposure to natural elements ThermoWood® cladding will fade to a grey or charcoal colour, however this can be prevented, if preferred, by using a clear treatment with a UV filter which we can factory apply, please ask for further details or see our section on Painted Cladding .

ThermoWood® is rated as 'durable'.

Lengths and Sizes

Available Ex-stock 25 x 125/150 in various lengths.


All of our ThermoWood® D is sourced from sustainable forests and available PEFC certified.


Discovery Centre, Cleethorpes - showing ThermoWood® supplied by Bennetts Timber.

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