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Larch Cladding

Wood Type

Durable Softwood


Siberian Larch’s (larix sibirica) colouring is similar to that of pine and looks very much like a standard softwood, however it is very dense and is classed as slightly to moderately durable.


Larch can be machined to any of our profiles, or sawn to a featheredge board for a more rustic look. It is very slow growing. As a result the characteristics of durable larch are that it is much denser, straighter grained and less knotty than standard redwood or whitewood.

Key Characteristics

Colouring of European larch cladding varies from light yellow, to orange, through to golden brown in the heartwood. UK-grown larch tends to be lighter in colour. Larch may be prone to some movement in its infancy once installed. This is normal and should not cause alarm. Once it has ‘bedded in’ it remains stable thereafter.

Timber Grade/Condition

The larch that we offer is graded as ‘Sawfalling’. This grade means that some knots will be present and some may be quite large. If a ‘clean’ product is required, we can obtain and offer a premium ‘Unsorted’ grade which will have only a few knots and those present will be small. This is available at a higher price and if you would like this option, then please ask for further details.


Over time your larch cladding will fade to a silver-grey. The period of time this takes will vary depending on exposure to the elements and each project using larch will be different to the last. Greying can be slowed down  by applying a clear treatment with a UV filter which we can factory apply, please ask for further details or see our section on Painted Cladding.

Lengths and sizes

Ex stock sizes available in a variety of lengths: 25 × 100/150/200, 38 × 150/200, 50 × 100/150/200.


Procured from well-managed forests. FSC or PEFC certification available on request.

Additional Information

When kiln dried, durable larch cladding will have a moisture content of approximately 15-18% and has a durability of 10-15 years when in contact with the ground, 50-60 years unprotected outdoors, and 100-150 protected intdoors. Small changes in moisture can occur when subjected to atmospheric variables. Larch can at times present sap or resin after machining or installation. This can be easily removed with no adverse effect from clean or painted boards with a nylon brush once the resin has dried and crystalised.

If you are considering using larch cladding as a material and need further assistance, do not hesitate to call our sales team on 01472 350151 who will be happy to help with your questions.

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