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Interior Cladding

Cladding internal walls with timber is becoming increasingly popular.

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At Bennetts Timber we have a wealth of experience in the manufacture and supply of cladding which we have built up over the last 15 years or so. Traditionally we have focussed on the exterior but recently our thoughts have turned to interior wall cladding which is becoming increasingly popular.

Wood has a calming effect and can be the ideal material for internal feature walls. Many of the home design magazines have recently featured using wood wall coverings as an alternative to wallpaper or paint. Timber is also a sustainable option to use, particularly if FSC or PEFC certified.

There are many types of wood that could be used for internal cladding but here are a few of our picks:-

Softwood matchboard – a pine matchboard with a V groove. Can be painted or stained. Excellent value for money.

Western Red Cedar – a fantastic material to work with which comes in a range of colours from reddy hues through to browns even within the same pack.

Thermowood – a heat treated pine that finishes in a dark brown.

Siberian Larch – a popular cladding choice that has a light-coloured finish and can be painted, stained or even scorched.

Cladding on internal walls is easy to apply and can be fitted on all walls or just in certain sections. For example, you may decide to just put wood panelling on a single feature wall, perhaps behind a bed or in an open plan kitchen area. Bathrooms are also the perfect place for matchboard either used on walls or as bath panels to create a relaxing environment. Another benefit is that whichever wood you use it will retain its original colour longer it will have reduced exposure to UV light.

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