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Carpenters Mate Pro Hex Head Screws

Carpenters Mate® is the original hex head self-drilling screw supplier in the UK, manufacturing and supplying innovative hex head screws to industry professionals for over 20 years.

Hex headed screws help tradesmen and DIYer's complete their projects quickly and efficiently with these quality, durable and self-drilling timber fixings designed for carpenters, by carpenters. These screws can be used for loft and roofing projects, landscaping and any other timber structure project.

Carpenter Mate hex head screws are a direct replacement for the M10 coach bolt. The conventional way of joining two or more timbers together involves drilling a pilot hole, hammering a bolt through and securing the joint with a washer and nut. You’ll know how difficult to it is to access both sides of the timber using this traditional method, as structural projects often involve working in tight spaces.A hex head screw significantly improves the efficiency of this process. With a Carpenters Mate self-drilling screw you do not need to pre-drill or use additional bolts and washer, meaning you can quickly secure your timber structure with access to the joint from one side only. 

Stock sizes below but other sizes available to order.

Sizes available in stock

90mm (25 per box) 90mm (100 per box) 140mm (25 per box) 140mm (100 per box) 190mm (10 per box) 190mm (100 per box) 240mm (100 per box)
£15.60 £37.19 £19.08 £55.58 £15.60 £73.38 £89.32

Sizes available on request

Other sizes available to order.

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