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Carpenters Mate Stainless Steel Bugle Head Screw

From Carpenters Mate® the UK’s original self-drilling screw suppliers.

Perfect for fixing exterior cladding or for use in salt water locations, the Stainless Steel Bugle Head Deck Screws are designed to make the installation of decking faster, easier and stronger. They do not require pre-drilling, have an easy-to-use square drive head and are manufactured in heavy-gauge stainless steel. 

  • No pre-drilling needed
  • One free drill bit in each box
  • Gimlet point for fast drilling
  • No. 10 gauge screw
  • Unthreaded upper shaft pulls deck down onto joist
  • Heavier gauge steel for increased shear and torque performance

Available with coloured heads too (subject to availability).

Stock sizes below but other lengths also available. Call us on 01472 350151 or 01652 658082 for further details.

Sizes available in stock

no 10 x 40mm Black (200 per box) No 10 x 40mm (200 per box)
£40.84 £39.34

Sizes available on request

Other sizes and colours available on request.

Call 01472 350151 / 01652 658082 for more details

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