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Treated Timber

Our treated timbers come tanalised which is also known as 'green treated', as it gives the timber a greenish tinge.

'TANALISED' timber has been impregnated with a preservative solution under high vacuum pressure in an industrial vessel. This treatment process ensures deep penetration into the timber cells, for a longer-lasting protective result against fungal decay and insect attack than just the application of a surface coating.

Pressure-treated timber is leach resistant, ensuring a long and trouble-free service life in a wide range of conditions, and assured performance in sensitive environments. Used for fencing, decking, sleepers and many other outdoor projects.

If you require any further infornation on treated timber or have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on 01472 350151 or 01652 658082.

Common uses / Features

  • Decking Joists
  • Garden Sheds
  • Framework
  • Roof joists
  • Raised beds
  • Garden retaining walls
  • Garden features

Sizes available in stock

19mm Rough Sawn 22mm Rough Sawn 25mm Rough Sawn 38mm Rough Sawn 47mm Regularised or Rough
19mm x 38mm - 72p per metre 22mm x 75mm - £1.49 per metre 22mm x 100mm - £1.68 per metre 22mm x 150mm - £2.88 per metre 25mm x 38mm - £1.04 per metre 25mm x 50mm - £1.25 per metre 38mm x 50mm - £1.99 per metre 38mm x 88mm - £2.60 per metre 38mm x 100mm - £2.00 per metre 47mm x 50mm - £2.47 per metre 47mm x 75mm - £2.62 per metre 47mm x 100mm - £3.49 per metre 47mm x 150mm - £5.48 per metre

Sizes available on request

Other sizes available, please call for more information!

Call 01472 350151 / 01652 658082 for more details

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