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Accoya® Cladding

Due to increased enquires we are now able to offer Accoya® cladding.

What is Accoya®?


Accoya® cladding has a uniformly fantastic appearance and retains the natural look of the original pine wood whilst being easy to coat in a huge range of colour finishes. In its untreated form Accoya® is a cream or straw colour.


Accoya® is perfect for external cladding due to its low moisture absorption and high durability, it is virtually rot-proof.

Key Characteristics

Accoya® uses a non-toxic aceylation process which changes free hydroxyls that absorb and release moisture in the wood according to changes in climate conditions. This reduces the wood’s ability to absorb moisture and, as a result, makes it virtually rot-proof, more stable and extremely durable.

When properly maintained, Accoya® cladding can expect to have a long lifespan. As all timber has been through exactly the same process it has an excellent consistency throughout the product, meaning less wastage.

Acetyl groups are naturally present in all wood species. The Accoya® process adds nothing to the wood which isn’t already present and Accoya® wood is 100% non-toxic.

Being dimensionally stable also means that it can be machined into a number of profiles such as face fix (tongue and grove), secret nail or featheredge.

Timber Grade/Condition

Accoya® cladding is generally knot free and is straight grained with a medium, even texture, making it ideal for opaque coatings or stains which will have a uniform and even finish.


As a result of its high stability, opaque coatings can last twice as long, which reduces the need for more frequent maintenance. Designs which require clean, crisp lines will continue to look seamless for many years as the wood will experience minimal swelling or shrinkage.

The wood is also indigestible to a wide range of insects and as such significantly reduces its vulnerability to any attack

Lengths and Sizes

Accoya® cladding is available in a number of grades and sizes, which are all FSC certified. For further details on sizes available and prices call our sales team at Bennetts Timber on 01472 350 151. 


FSC certified.

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