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Carpenters Mate Screws

Carpenters Mate wood screws now in stock.....

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Carpenters Mate® is the original self-drilling screw. With no need for pre-drilling - and with the correct drive tool included free with every pack - Carpenters Mate wood screws help maked laying decking and flooring, carrying out loft conversions, repairing fences, installing interior and exterior cladding, and recting or repairing fences quicker, cleaner and easier than ever before.

Carpenters Mate screws are engineered to reduce installation time, improve efficiency and reduce wastage. They are designed to provide a professional finish with standard UK timber sizes and sit flush with the wood to ensure a secure yet flexible connection that allows the wood a degree of elasticity to accomodate the stresses and strains of normal structual movement.

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