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Builders to Benefit from New Housing

Government announcement on housing

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Currently 50% of the UK's new housing is built by just 8 providers. In a recent announcement on 4 January the Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced a 'radical' scheme to help increase the rate of new homes being built.

The scheme should benefit small and medium sized builders and construction firms as the government is to directly commission the building of more than 13,000 new homes. This will enable SME builders to bid for housing plots in England that already have planning permission, thus allowing small builders to concentrate on the building rather than have to deal with the often protracted (and expensive) planning system. 

Of the 13,000 houses to be built, 40% will be starter homes aimed at helping first time buyers under the age of 40. An additional £1.2 billion worth of funding will see the fast track construction of 30,000 new starter homes and up to 30,000 market-rate homes on brownfield sites by the end of the decade.

Direct commissioning will be piloted at 5 sites in this space!

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