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Bennetts Proud to Supply Larch for Tesco’s Eco-Stores

Over the past three years Tesco have been building low Carbon Eco stores, the majority of these stores have been clad in Siberian Larch all in the same unique profile.

All of the stores so far have been clad in Siberian Larch (Larix Sibirica) which is a slow growing deciduous coniferous tree grown in Siberia (western Russia). It is very resistant to rot & decay and will last 60 years plus with no additional treatments.

All of the Siberian larch Bennetts Timber procures is FSC Certified, which means it has full chain of custody and is from a sustainable managed forest.

Bennetts Timber are proud to have supplied the larch cladding for Tesco's first zero carbon store at Ramsey in Cambridgeshire. The store was built with a wooden frame, timber wall and the external Larch cladding.

Every cubic metre of steel replaced with timber save almost a tonne of carbon as timber is much more energy efficient to produce.

Since Bennett's supplied the first store in 2008 we have supplied stores as far as Northern Ireland, Aberdeen, Devon and many more in the UK.

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